International interscience scientific and practical conference.

The Sixth international research and practice conference

Russian Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Buddhists Association
Committee for Religious Liaisons of Saint Petersburg City Government
The State Hermitage Museum
The State Museum of the History of Religion
Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences
The Center for Comparative Philosophy and Research in Social Studies at the Department of Philosophy of Saint Petersburg State University
Oriental Institute, Russian Academy of Science
UNESCO Chair for Comparative Studies of Spiritual Traditions, Their Specific Cultures and Interreligious Dialogue
Institute of History and Archaeology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences
Institute of Russian and Eurasian Studies Kyungpook National University
The Fund for the development of Buddhist culture

Dear colleagues!

This is to announce commencement of preparations to the Sixth International Conference on Applied Research in Buddhist Studies entitled VAJRAYANA BUDDHISM IN RUSSIA: TOPICAL ISSUES OF HISTORY AND SOCIOCULTURAL ANALYTICS, to be held on October 19-22, 2018 in Saint Petersburg.


  • Russian State Museum of Religious History (Pochtamtskaya Ulitsa, 14/5)
  • The State Hermitage Museum (Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, 34)
  • Institute of Oriental Manuscripts, Russian Academy of Sciences (Dvortsovaya Naberezhnaya, 18)


  • carrying out interdisciplinary scientific exchange
  • researching Vajrayana Buddhism and its interaction with another traditions
  • furtherance of comparative and crosscultural studies of Buddhism
  • providing international forum and support for Vajrayana researchers and practitioners


  • Buddhism in the global world
  • Topical issues of history of Buddhism and Buddhist studies
  • Traditions and innovations of Buddhism in Russia
  • Buddhism in the context of topical social and cultural practices
  • Buddhism in light of contemporary natural sciences
  • Forms of reception and acculturation of Buddhism in the West and Russia
  • Buddhism in Russian philosophy, literature and art
  • Experience of attribution, research, keeping and exhibiting Buddhist archives and collections
  • Methods of Vajrayana in development of human intellectual and creative abilities

The conference will include a panel discussion on the following topic: “Visual Dharma”, Chair: PhD in History, Leading Specialistof the State Hermitage Museum, Dr. Yulia Elikhina (St. Petersburg)


  • Anatoliy Alekseev-Apraksin (Doctor of Cultural Studies, Prof., St. Petersburg)
  • Kolesnikov Anatoliy Sergeyevich (Doctor of Philosophy, Prof., St. Petersburg)


  • Doctor of History, Professor, Director of the Oriental Institute at the Russian Academy of Science, V.P. Androsov (Moscow)
  • PhD in History, N.G. Artemyeva (Vladivostok)
  • Abbot of St.Petersburg Datsan “Gunzechoinei”, Traditional Buddhist Sangha of Russia B.B. Badmayev (St.Petersburg)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Prof., V.N. Badmayev (Elista)
  • Doctor of Arts, Leading Specialist, S.G. Batyreva (Elista)
  • PhD in Philosophy, A.O. Belyakov (Blagoveshchensk)
  • Dr., Prof. A. Birtalan (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Dr., Prof. D. Burnee (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
  • Assistant rector of St.Petersburg Datsan “Gunzechoinei”, executive director of the Fund for the development of Buddhist culture I.V. Vasilyeva (St. Petersburg)
  • Dr., Prof. V. A. Wallace (Santa Barbara, California, USA)
  • Doctor of Philology ,B.S. Dugarov (Ulan-Ude)
  • PhD in History, Leading Specialist, Yu.I. Yelikhina (St.-Petersburg)
  • PhD in History, Leading Specialist, Yu.I. Yelikhina (St. Petersburg)
  • PhD in philosophy, senior research associate of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts at the Russian Academy of Science T.V. Ermakova (St.Petersburg)
  • Doctor of History, Prof., N.L. Zhukovskaya (Moscow)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Prof., A.P. Zabiyako (Blagoveshchensk)
  • PhD in Philosophy, B.I. Zagumyennov (St. Petersburg)
  • PhD in History, Associate Professor, B.U. Kitinov (Moscow)
  • President of the Russian Association of Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Buddhists, A.Sh. Koibagarov (St. Petersburg)
  • PhD in Philosophy, Asso at the ciate Prof., L.M. Korotetskaya (Novosibirsk)
  • PhD in History, A.A. Kurapov (Astrakhan)
  • PhD in History, E.V. Leonteva (Moscow)
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Prof., S.Yu. Lepekhov (Ulan-Ude)
  • Director of the Russian State Museum of Religious History L.A.Musienko (St. Petersburg)
  • PhD in History, Senior Research Associate, N.A. Orekhova [academic secretary] (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Doctor of History, director of the Institute of Oriental Manuscripts at the Russian Academy of Science I.Ph.Popova (St. Petersburg)
  • Doctor of Philology, Prof., D.L. Spivak, (St. Petersburg)
  • Doctor of History, Leading Research Associate, S.-Kh.D. Syrtypova (Moscow)
  • Dr, Prof. K.Sh. Khafizova (Almaty, Kazakhstan)]
  • Dr., Prof., Director of Institute of History and Archaeology, MAS S. Chuluun (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)
  • Dr., Prof. Youngsun Yoon (Republic of Korea)


  • Vera Dronova (Saint Petersburg):,
    tel.: +7-962-683-07-00; +7-911-921-20-43
  • Anatoly Sokolov (Saint Petersburg):


– Russian and English

The conference programme includes plenary and discussion sessions.

Your intention to participate should be expressed in sending the following materials to the organizing committee until August 01, 2018 at When sending your papers to the organizing committee, please observe the following formatting requirements to facilitate further work of proofreaders, editors, and reviewers:

  1. Electronic version of your TEXT(ready for publication) in Word format for Windows, Times New Roman font size 14, line spacing 1,5, margins 2,5 cm, content – 15,000-20,000 symbols. Please, specify your full name and the city in the parentheses before the title in the right top corner. Specify your full name and the city in parentheses before the title in the top right corner. For example: John Smith, PhD in Humanities, Associate Prof. (London University); the title should be in the center of the next line. References cited in the paper (in square brackets) should contain a surname of the author of the quoted work, the year of its publication and page numbers, all of these separated by commas. For example: [Smith, 2005, 214]. The alphabetiacl list of References is placed in the end of the text. No headers, page numbers or footnotes should be used. Semantic clarifications are given in parentheses within the body of the text. For example: Truth State (Sanskrit: Dharmakaya).
  2. Key words.
  3. ABSTRACTScontaining of maximum 500 symbols in Russian and English (as a separate file).
  4. APPLICATION send in a separate file, in the subject line please note: application – surname of the participant). Download the application from here: download
    1. AUTHOR’s credentials: full name, scientific degree, academic title, work position, place of work, e-mail, postal address, contact phone.
    2. SUBJECT OF paper/presentation.
      • if you require accommodation during the conference
      • if you require daily lunches costing 250-350 Roubles (in addition to free coffee-breaks)
      • if you require official invitation from the organizing committee
      • if you require technical aids for your presentation

please NOTE

Participation fee is 1000 Roubles (conditions and payment details will be sent to participants upon receiving their applications and texts).

Travelling and living expenses are to be covered by a delegating organization

The right to select materials for publication is reserved to the organising committee.

THE ADDRESS OF THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Russia, 190068, Saint-Petersburg, Nikolsky pereulok, 7-26