International interscience scientific and practical conference.

The Second International Academic and Research Conference

Russian Association of Karma Kagyu Buddhists
RAS Institute of Oriental Studies
Culture Research Center at the Philosophy Department of Saint-Petersburg State University
Center for Philosophical Comparative Studies and Social-Humanitarian Research at the Philosophy Department of Saint-Petersburg State University

The Second International Academic and Research Conference Vajrayana Buddhism in Russia: from contacts to interaction

Duration: October 16-18, 2010.

Moscow, RAS Institute of Oriental Studies, Rozhdestvenka Street, 12.

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Main goals:

  • expansion of cross-disciplinary interlocution, definition of time and place of Buddhism in the Russian history;
  • detection of relevant forms of its expression in the modern world;
  • provision of alliance and support for the researchers and practitioners of Vajrayana.

Topics for discussion:

  • Buddhism in Russian History
  • Buddhism and modern sociocultural practices
  • Forms of reception of the Buddhist culture in the West and in Russia
  • Buddhism in the context of modern scientific knowledge
  • Buddhism in national philosophy, literature and arts
  • New approaches to cross-cultural interaction within the setting of globalization
  • Vajrayana methods and development of one’s intellectual and creative abilities

Range of topics can be expanded. The organizing committee accepts articles containing unexpected turns of discussion, welcomes new angles of approach and innovative terms of reference non-stipulated by the conference plan.

Working languages of the conference are Russian and English.

The conference plan includes plenary and breakout sessions.

The list of breakout session topics is to be decided during preparation of the conference plan. In order to take part in the conference you need to submit the following to the organizing committee address at: before 01.06.2010:

  1. Report text (ready for publishing) in the Windows-compatible MS Word format:
    • font Times New Roman, font size 14, line spacing 1,5; margins 2,5 cm. Volume requirement for articles is 15000 characters.
    • Area before heading should contain the author’s full name and city in round brackets, i.e., I.I.Ivanov (Moscow), next line should contain the article title, center-aligned. Source references within the text: square brackets, last name
    • of author of the cited work, year of publishing and page number separated by a comma, i.e.: [Ivanov, 2005, 214].
    • Source list is to be at the end of the text and is to be organized alphabetically. Footnotes for sources, page numbering and other headers and footers are not allowed.
    • Notional references are to be in round brackets within the text, i.e., Truth state (sanskr. Dharmakaya).
  2. The report article is to be accompanied by abstracts in Russian and English, not exceeding 500 characters in volume.
  3. Information on the article’s author: full name, academic title and degree, position, place of work, mail address, e-mail and contact phone number.
  4. Kindly specify:
    • accommodation needs for the conference;
    • needs for a daily lunch (200-300 rubles) (in addition to free coffee breaks);
    • needs for an official invitation from the organizing committee;
    • needs for use of special devices during presentation;

Travel expenses are to be covered by your sponsoring organization.

Participation fee is 500 rubles.

A collected volume of scientific articles is to be published after the conference. The organizing committee reserves the right to select materials for publishing.

Address of organizing committee:

190068 Saint-Petersburg, Nikolsky Pereulok, 7-26 Russian Association of Karma Kagyu Buddhists

Co-chairpersons of the organizing committee:

  • PhD in Culturology, docent A.M.Alekseev-Apraksin, e-mail:
  • DS in History, prof. N.L. Zhukovskaya (Moscow), e-mail:


Conference website: